Maritime Solutions Inc. (MSI) develops clean water technologies and offers new products for a cleaner marine environment – including for ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) and pre-treatment equipment for dam and lake protection against Zebra Mussels and Quagga Mussels. The company’s water treatment product portfolio encompasses three systems that are based on issued patents, as well as proprietary trade secrets and deep industry experience. The company is currently seeking strategic partners for system certification, ramp up of production and roll out of its distribution and maintenance service network.  Contact us to discuss possibilities of working together.

As ship owners, system installers and BWM system manufacturers alike prepare for the many challenges associated with implementation, it would be wise to more closely evaluate the real (and sometimes hidden) risks to system operators and manufacturers. For the latest on our patented Ballast Water Control Systems: Please see our latest MSI/ABB Article on Marinelink

MSI Ballast Water Treatment System Tested on "Washington"

MSI Ballast Water Treatment System Tested on “Cape Washington”

One of the company’s product offerings addresses the global marine industry’s ballast water problem– which is the transfer of aquatic nuisance species from one location to another. This causes economic, ecological and environmental damage to harbors and waterways and increases operating costs for industry. The company’s patented Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) product, is a complete green solution for this important and urgent problem – a mechanical system (non active substance, non-chemical) .  The company developed this BWTS product to a global market estimated to be initially US$1.4 Billion/year in size and growing to $9.0 by 2018 in the coming years, according to leading industry analysts; and is significantly driven by global (United States Coast Guard and International Maritime Organization) and local regulations affecting the global commercial fleet of over 60,000 ships.


Hoover Dam Needs to Address Zebra Mussel Problem

Hoover Dam Needs to Address Zebra Mussel Problem

The company’s UV + Filter technology has been used for water treatment at dams, lakes and waterways is a green, clean water technology that addresses the zebra mussel problem –  an  aquatic nuisance species, which causes major environmental and operations problems in the Great Lakes of the USA as well as for dams and industrial plants located on waterways. This product is being offered to dams, fisheries and plants for water pretreatment.

The Company has a professional management team with deep industry experience and relationships and complementary skill sets spanning marine transport, ship operations, product design and engineering, sales as well as in ecology, biology and  environmental sciences.

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