About Us

Maritime Solutions Inc. is a Delaware C- Corporation headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey.

The company’s mission is to be a leading provider of clean water technologies and products to the marine and shipping industries as well as to dams, fisheries and large industrial plants operating on or near waterways.

The company principles are a team of experienced professionals, who are active in the marine, shipping, and filtration industries and environmental sciences , and who understand ship operations, safety and economic issues as well as marine environmental issues.

Recognizing the growing importance of several significant challenges facing the marine and shipping industries the company’s principals began to invest in and develop new clean water technologies and complete systems to solve major industry challenges. The company developed a working ballast water treatment system  since 2001 that is currently containerized and located at the company’s headquarters. The technology that was developed along the way has several issued patents.  From its extensive engineering and market sensing work, the company has become one of the most knowledgeable and advanced companies in this category of  the global clean water technology market.